To cut the story short, this organization changed my life. I am who I am today, thanks to PSYSC. 

Egbert M. Amoncio

VP for Internal Affairs

Acknowledging that there's a huge responsibility ahead of me made me appreciate my time and effort in every activity. Leading a diverse group of people coming from different universities is a difficult task but knowing that every person in PSYSC has the same goal, those struggles become nothing at all.

Annie Grace L. Bachiller

VP for External Affairs

PSYSC prepared me in for the real world. In accomplishing different tasks for the organization, I learned so many lessons that were never taught in the four walls of the classroom.

Jan Aureo B. Bihag

Membership Officer

In PSYSC, everyone is given the opportunity to lead. With passion guided by vision, I am continuously challenged to do my best, to innovate, to think big, and to serve.

Thea Rojen C. Colobong

Marketing Officer

PSYSC has developed in me a greater sense of responsibility. The challenges I am facing now and even before molded me to be a better leader. My passion in serving the youth is my driving force for this journey.

Jazer Jose H. Togonon

Public Information Officer

Because of PSYSC, I became immersed in different kinds of work from the easy to the challenging ones. The organization developed all the critical skills and attitude of being a leader within me. It wasn't easy but it was one of the best things I got from PSYSC and will forever be a legacy of my humble beginnings.

Mark Ronald D. Eborde

Finance Officer

PSYSC taught me to take initiative in my responsibilities. I've learned to balance my time for academics and extra-curricular activities throughout my college years.

Steven Michael Resma


PSYSC molded me to become an active and critical leader through experiences. Learning from experiences let me gain knowledge which I believe, is helpful in creating decisions for this organization.

Lorenz Rey A. Ballesteros


The experiences that I had in this organization trained me to lead and be able to juggle my time for my studies and other activities. It is in PSYSC that I started to come out of my comfort zone and learn to be brave to handle challenges.

Rachel Angel Paulma