National Youth Science, Technology & Environment Summer Camp

Cirque de Merveilles: Trapezing the Marvels of Evolution

at Hidden Paradise Mountain Resort, San Fernando, Cebu — on April 2-5, 2014

[NYSTESC] is a 4-day event for high school students featuring lectures, interactive workshops, team-building activities, contests, socialization events, educational trips, and a pledge to the science clubbing movement. These activities are not meant for students alone; it also offers a version for mentors. It is held during the early parts of April.

NYSTESC 2014 Registration Requirements

#1 Registration fees for affiliated and non-affiliated schools are listed below. A reservation fee of Php750 (deductible from the Registration Fee) per participant is required.

   Reserved before the deadline
       Affiliated Schools: Php 5,500
       Non-Affiliated Schools: Php 8,500
   Reserved after the deadline (March 14, 2014)
       Affiliated Schools: Php 6,500
       Non-Affiliated Schools: Php 9,500

#2 Duly accomplished Registration Form

#3 Duly accomplished List of Participants Excel File (downloadable at our facebook page and website). The excel file should be sent to with the email subject: NYSTESC 2014 Participants Insurance_[Name of School]

#4 2 pcs 1x1 ID pictures with complete name at the back

#5 Photocopy of the participant's official school ID at the back of the registration form

The deadline for reservations is on March 14, 2014; and only the first 1,000 reserved participants will be accepted.

An additional Php 1,000 will be charged to both Affiliated and Non-affiliated Schools if the registration forms and reservation fees are sent beyond the deadline. Registration fee will cover board and lodging from dinner of April 2, 2014 until dinner of April 5, 2014, NYSTESC kit, shirt, educational trip expenses and insurance.

In case of back-out participants, please inform the PSYSC National Office before March 14, 2014. Only students from the same school may become replacements for the back-out participants.

The reservation fee is non-refundable. Payments should be deposited through:

       Land Bank of the Philippines
       Acct No. 0702-1020-65
       Acct Name: Philippine Society of Youth Science Clubs, Inc.

or remitted through Postal Money Order (PMO) payable only to the Philippine Society of Youth Science Clubs. A copy (original or photocopy) of the duly validated deposit slips or PMOs must be enclosed with the forms and sent on or before March 14, 2014 addressed to:

       The Philippine Society of Youth Science Clubs
       7th floor, Unit 703, West Mansions Condominium,
       Zamboanga St., Brgy. Nayong Kanluran, 1104 Quezon City

Upon deposit/remittance of the reservation fee, kindly give us a call to inform us of your reservation. Reservations shall only be recognized upon OUR RECEIPT of both the deposit slip and the duly accomplished excel file of the list of participants. Priority on room assignments will be based on date of payment of reservation fee.

Things to Bring

• Blankets and Towel
• Toiletries
• Drinking water containers
• Red shirt (optional, may or may not be printed)
• Working clothes and rubber shoes (t-shirts, shorts, pants, comfortable clothes)
• Native delicacies with containers for Pasalubong Festival
• Creative mask for Entertainment Night
• All white outfit and tea candles for the Pledge Night
• Mosquito repellent lotion
• Personal medicine or other needs for allergies and other medical conditions