National Science
Club Month

IMMUNATION: Arming Science Clubbers with Healthful Defenses towards National Wellness

Mandated by Presidential Proclamation 264, the National Science Club Month [NSCM] is celebrated every September. It is a month long celebration, wherein PSYSC offers a whole month packed with science related activities such as:

National Science Club Summit (SUMMIT)

SUMMIT is PSYSC's gift to our affiliates. Since it is difficult for affiliates to go to NYSTESC due to the limitations of transportation and expenses, PSYSC gives a chance for affiliates to go to a national camp by bringing the camp to the region. SUMMIT is two day one night event, composed of lectures, subcamp activities, night activities and workshops. This year, SUMMIT will be held in 10 different Regions.

I Teach Science Seminar (ITSS)

ITSS is PSYSC's gift to our dear teachers. Teachers who will attend the SUMMIT sites have a chance to participate in the ITSS, which is composed of a lecture and workshop specialized for them. They are also given modules which are specialized for teachers. Unlike past years, ITSS will now be a two day event, with events on the morning of the second day.

Mathematics, Science at Kapaligiran (MATHSCIAKA)

MATHSCIAKA is PSYSC's gift to the nation's most creative minds. Workshops, being the bread and butter of PSYSC, also aim to test knowledge through creative and non-traditional methods. Utilizing five, unique kinds of Workshops, MATHSCIAKA is an event for affiliates that gives them a chance to make learning both fulfilling and creative at the same time.

During SUMMIT, affiliates have a chance to join two kinds of workshops, the SUMMIT-MATHSCIAKA and the Engineering-Science Challenge.

During MATHSCIAKA proper, affiliates have a chance to join five different kinds of workshops namely Interactive, On-the-spot, Workshops Fair, Mystery and Take-Home workshops.

PSYSC Science Olympiad (PSO)

PSO is PSYSC's gift to the nation's most brilliant minds. It aims to challenge science clubbers through written, practical and theoretical exams in different fields of science such as biology, chemistry, physics, information technology and earth science. This event aims not only to test what students know, but how they translate what they know through application of concepts. This year, PSO will be held in 15 different Regions. Each Region with a SUMMIT site also has a PSO testing center, along with 5 independent sites.

NSCM 2014 Registration Guidelines